And now, another plot twist

Humana just wrote to deny me benefits for Zinbryta, the medication that has kept my MS at bay for ten years. Am I going to fight this? You bet.

They claim they are denying the drug because I don’t have “pre-existing hepatic disease.”

That’s interesting, since a person is not advised to treat MS with Zinbryta if they do have hepatic disease.

Poor Humana. I will have fun. I will win.


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4 thoughts on “And now, another plot twist

  1. repeating my comment on Facebook – they should consider a name change
    Try tweeting them – the marketing team will take a very different approach to problem solving than the compliance team or whomever they are

  2. My being on this drug has saved Humana so much money…especially all those years I was on the trial and they were not pitching in on an MS drug that can run up to 4k per month. Not to mention the money they’ve saved because I have been a healthy MS patient, and not a sick one. But I’m not going to rant. That’s not good for my health!

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