Made in the USA

Yesterday, I blogged about my discontent with the fact that over 80% of the active ingredients in the drugs we take are being made in far-off places with little or no federal inspection. Until more people know this fact, there is no incentive for change. So here’s my proposal: Every bottle of pills, every IV bag, should list the country of ingredient origin in at least 6 point type. When you buy a carton of orange juice, the carton has to list which country the oranges come from in at least six point type. Why aren’t drugs labeled like food? We ought to expect drug companies to list where their drugs come from. And I’d like those labels to say, in at least six point type: MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Author’s note: Little did I imagine as I was writing this that Merck is pulling up to 13,000 jobs out of the United States and other developed nations to employ workers in “emerging markets.”

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