I Am Creating Change By…

Endorse Me! 

There is still time to endorse my nomination as a Patient Leader for the #WEGOHealthAwards. If I were to be selected, I could extend my reach  with movers and shakers in healthcare  to advocate for people with disabilities. 

If you haven’t already, please follow this link to navigate to my nominee profile at #WEGOHealthAwards. Under my picture on the right-hand side of the page will be an “endorse” button. Clicking this button will submit an endorsement. While you are there, take a look at some of the other outstanding candidates. As I understand it, you can endorse more than one person. If you know of an outstanding patient advocate in your community, you can nominate them here.

I am so thankful to The Clifton Writing Workshop members who sat through my first improvisation of this speech. And I am beyond thankful to my friend Maria Ramos, who directed and filmed the final product. If you like this video, please share!

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9 thoughts on “I Am Creating Change By…

  1. Fortunately, I have few physical issues after being on the Wahls Protocol level 2 diet. But, I’m in clinical trials to increase memory and processing speed so I can hopefully do this great coding program for women. But, if I can’t, I’ll just do to an easier/slower program and be a slower programmer. Mostly, I’m very relieved that with the Wahls I’ll be able to mostly keep up with my wife and partner, my primary goal (like you showed us, still go on vacay and just let them do the death hikes!).

    1. I’m glad Wahls 2 has been working for you. I don’t know why it’s taking me so long on 2 to become fabulous. Did it take you a while?

      1. You are actually MORE fabulous because you’ve had a LOT more disease activity than me and for a lot longer. I am primary progressive and had a lot of fatigue but mostly that’s it. I’ve also only been diagnosed two years, although I’m pretty sure I’ve had it for @ 10 years. So far I only have 2 lesions in my brain and 5 oligoclonal bands on my spine (and only 1-2 lesions).

        I’m also PPMS which has fewer brain lesions than RRMS, and is much more in the spine, which is another reason I’m sure my MS is easier than yours. You might need Wahls level 3, that’s what Dr. Wahls did and what I’ll do when mine gets worse. Level 3 is pretty hard and you’ll probably want help. I’d recommend someone certified in Wahls (her website lists them at https://terrywahls.com/find-a-wahls-protocol-health-professional/). But, I certainly understand doing other diets than Wahls, it’s just the only one that worked for me so far.

        Ironically I recently ended up in the Emergency Room for two days from eating too many Brussel sprouts and giving myself an intestinal blockage! My wife is now insisting I see a Wahls professional before I end up in the ER again. There aren’t any in my area so I’m starting online with a virtual remote consultant, https://drwillcole.com. Yes, I put myself in the ER on level 2–this protocol is very difficult!

        There is an online blogger from Canada who did level 3 last year and really turned her health around. She documented the heck out of her yearly plan online and she might be helpful. Here is her account of her health stats for the past year: https://defeatingms.blog/monthly-ms-symptom-changes-if-you-believe-it-will-work-out-youll-see-opportunities-if-you-believe-it-wont-you-will-see-obstacles-wayne-dyer/ Like you she is a swimmer. Both of you are my only acquaintances with MS and both of you have helped me tremendously, all the best to you.

  2. I endorsed you! Praying for you to win because your passion for finding a cure is so inspiring!

      1. Ha ha ha! I’d settle for summiting an old childhood favorite, Sleeping Giant Mountain. And completing the Aiea Loop Trail. And a few nice ten or twenty mile bike ride with my husband on the cape. What would you, if your powers were restored to you?

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