A New Chapter Begins

Before I took my first dose of my new MS medication, my husband thanked me for making a wonderful soup. “If you die, you’re leaving on a high note.”

If anyone wants to snatch a loyal husband after I go, you should know the wonderful soup has a base of two cups of last night’s leftover fish soup from the local Chinese restaurant, one diced green onion, one cup of  home made bone broth, one can of full fat coconut milk, one cup of assorted frozen Costco fish, one teaspoon of pulverized ginger, a sprinkle of turmeric, half a cup of dulse,  and one other secret ingredient I won’t reveal because my husband said it was “comforting.” I want him to miss me just a little.

And I don’t want him to have to miss me quite yet.

To that end, I picked one of the MS medications least likely to provoke a fatal case of progressive mulifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) because I love our life together very much. (That same life I once found so cursed by disease way back when I was objectively far less disabled than I am today.)

My local neurologist, Dr. Z., said that this is the drug he would choose for himself or his wife. There’s no stronger recommendation than that.

I am giving Tecfidera a shot. Thankfully, it comes in pill form.

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just my luck

5 thoughts on “A New Chapter Begins

  1. May Tecfridera be the drug that keeps you around and well and in the future , playing with your grandchildren! And your soup sounds fabulous!

    1. Thank you for the well wishes. I’ve learned long ago that it takes more than meditation to keep us around; it takes meditation, exercise, diet, positive self talk, an active role (or roles) in community, loved ones like you. And let’s not forget a positive infrastructure: access to health insurance, to specialists and to accurate information

  2. I am glad you have found a MS medication that is going to work for you! I am also so happy to hear that you have an amazing and supportive husband. It is crucial to have support from our loved ones. MS Is not easy, but with support and love it can be tolerable!

    1. Life with MS is more than tolerable if you have supportive loved ones. It is precious and ridiculously beautiful and utterly worth living. Thank you for your support, Alyssa!

      1. Beautifully said! I must say, you are pretty amazing and incredible! It is so important to have supportive loved ones while battling this illness and I am glad you have that!!!

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