Today I’m a Guest Blogger at Solstice Literary Magazine

Solstice, a magazine of diverse voices, added my voice to its choir today. This lovely venue gave my essay a sweet write-up. Follow this link to read my essay about race and disability and love.

Today I got some good news and some bad news. The good news came from my retina specialist, who regards the opinions of the last two doctors I’d spoken with as “outdated” and assures me I can continue to practice yoga and even do inversions without increasing the risk of dislodging my retinas. The bad news came when I arrived, pupils still dilated, for my writing workshop at a senior living facility. I learned that one of the writers had died while I was in Costa Rica. She had died suddenly but died well, in the midst of a bridge game with her lifelong friends. Had our departed author learned in advance the circumstances of her own ending, I think she would have been mostly pleased, but she would have wanted to have finished the novel she’d been working on. Her characters, who had seemed so alive, are  in a kind of purgatory at the moment. I’ve given my workshop the assignment of imagining fit endings for her characters. We will finish her book with our own versions, in our own minds, in her honor.


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