Bad Brain Day

My son loped downstairs looking all mopey. “I just took a bunch of IQ tests. They all had different scores.”

I was feeling a little mopey, myself.

As it happened, I’d just run across a bunch of my MRI reports. The reports all had the same results, which meant the MS has stayed in remission.

Stable multiple sclerosis with moderate lesion load and moderate brain atrophy.

Yep. Most days, that’s my idea of good news. But maybe I was a little tired from a morning of yoga. Or maybe I was just hungry. Whatever the reason, as I sprinkled garam masala over paneer cubes, I found myself asking the forbidden question, “What would I be like without moderate brain atrophy?”

My son suggested I write this blog post. “You should fill it with misspellings and everyone will get all worried.”

Nd thn whe kraked up laffin.


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